AdOps Web operate a range of lists that are used for promotion purposes by people who come from different domain of internet marketing.

  • We offer free directory list where submissions are accepted at no cost to the submitter.
  • You can put reciprocal links as long as we see your website as trading goods or services.
  • A paid listing is also available where your submitted Link or Article will be featured and highlighted on the TopLinks or TopArticles page.
  • We have our own set of general guidelines that we follow when deciding whether to include your website that you wish to list in our directory lists.
  • Summarized below general set of guidelines to follow before submitting your website to us for review that will give you a better chance of getting approved.


    1. Make sure you don’t put any keyword in the Title, only put website or company name.
    2. The title should be related to the purpose of the site and should be concisely mentioned what site is about.
    3. The title should not be too promotional and avoid inflated adjectives such as ‘most’, ‘best’, ‘strongest’ etc.
    4. Only up to 50 characters should be used in the title
    6. Special characters should not be used.


    Make sure you don’t repeat any keyword more than once. It is essential to enter each keyword separated by a comma, e.g. ABC1, XYZ2


    Ensure you choose the right category for your website. Browse through the categories provided in the directory and select the most suitable category from the drop down menu. For some directories, you might not find the relevant category for your website, in that case contact use suggesting the most appropriate category for your website. If the editor finds it appropriate, a new category would be created to list your website.

    Url / Domain

    1. Do not submit domains that have no content and that redirects to another site
    2. Only submit your home page url and not the inner pages.

    Site Content

    Do not submit a site that is under construction or not working.

    1. Your site should not contain full of links and advertisements all
    2. Do not submit a site having the duplicate content but different domains.

    We do not approve websites or will remove from the list when they are not in compliance with the guidelines noted on this page. Therefore it is urged to load a fully functional website and keep it functional even after inclusion in any of our lists.